Saturday, July 23, 2011

Welcome to Writing Words...

Writing Words offers my favorite literary quotes and my own reflections on writing for publication, based on my experience helping emerging book authors get published.

I am not setting any particular limits on the literary subject matter I might cover, but I suspect that some topics will be especially prominent. For example, I often like to remind authors that "less is more" and to offer advice on applying this principle when writing and self-editing. To my mind, the novel is the most challenging of all literary forms, and I will further provide tips on how, and how not to, write a novel. I have also edited a lot of autobiographical works and have thoughts on the memoir, which is another genre that makes more demands than the uninitiated often realize.

Other topics that interest me have to do with selling a manuscript and, from time to time, I will reflect on book proposal writing and the pitfalls of querying. A related new interest of mine is the book trailer, examples of which some of my clients and I have been producing. Finally, I am also making short how-to videos on writing and publishing. I will announce new trailers and videos here, as well as on my website

This blog is a briefer, more informal extension of my original information series for authors, Writing for Publication. For more detailed information about agents, editors, and publishers; book marketing and promotion; publishing and the book trade; and writing life and style, go to to view a list of articles and links.

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